project /n/ a collaborative enterprise:
project /v/ to forecast or extend:

Project : Architecture is an award-winning design lab at Seoul National University established by John Hong in 2015. Practicing in both Korea and the U.S., the work of P:A incorporates core ideas of human and ecological networks into the design of institutional, residential, and commercial projects.

Belying its seemingly generic status, the word ‘project’ has two important definitions: As a noun it describes a collaborative enterprise, an umbrella under which shared goals converge into concrete realization.  As a verb, ‘project’ is an emboldened look into the future. With the urgent state of climate change and the environmental and social challenges that follow, the role of architecture will become even more central in creating resilient environments.

Our working methods are based on integrating research, technology, materials, and atmosphere into catalysts for positive change. By projecting precise questions we are able to converge diverse criteria and constituents around democratically shared objectives. And like the democratic process, we invite debate and discourse along the way as a key means to discover new and better paths.


John Hong AIA, LEED AP is an architect and professor at Seoul National University. He has been teaching and conducting research in the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering since 2015 where he is the Director of the design lab, Project : Architecture. His work bridges the scales of architecture and urbanism and converges the mediums of materials, drawings, theory, and computation. His built projects have garnered many international awards including 17 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) awards, Architectural Record’s Design Vanguard, and a Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Award. His work has been exhibited at international venues including the Venice Biennale and published in major media such as Architectural Record, Metropolis Magazine, and The New Yorker. As an architecture critic, his writing is featured in major media such as The Architectural Review, SPACE Magazine, as well as in book chapters in publications by Birkhäuser, Wiley, and L’arca. Additional academic activities include curator roles for the City as Verb and Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism exhibitions. Before joining SNU he served as Associate Professor in Practice at the Harvard GSD (2007-13) and held visiting professorships at major universities including the University of Pennsylvania and the City College of New York. He received his Master’s in Architecture with Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor’s in Science in Architecture with Honors from the University of Virginia.

존홍은 건축가이며 서울대학교 건축학과 교수이자 프로젝트 아키텍처(Project : Architecture)의 디렉터이다. 그의 작업은 건축과 도시학 간의 가교 역할을 하며, 도면, 소재, 이론 및 계산이라는 매체를 한 데 모은다. 존홍의 작업은 Architectural Record, Metropolis Magazine, The New Yorker, 및 Space Magazine을 비롯한 주요 언론매체에서 다루어졌을 뿐만 아니라, 2014년과 2016년 베니스 비엔날레(Venice Biennale) 등의 국제 행사에도 전시되었다. 미국건축가협회(American Institute of Architecture)에서 수여하는 AIA Awards를 17회 수상한 바 있으며, 그 외에도 Architectural Record’s Design Vanguard 상, Architectural League NY에서 the Emerging Voices Award 및 Holcim 재단에서 Sustainable Construction Award 등을 수상했다. 가장 주목할 만한 저서로는 『융합하는 흐름: 한국의 현대건축과 도시학』(Convergent Flux: Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in Korea, 2012) 및 『새로운 주거방식의 조각들: 한국 현대사회의 도시주거』 (Fragments of a New Housing Language: Contemporary Urban Housing in Korea, 2016)이 있다. 하버드 GSD (Harvard Graduate School of Design)에서 부교수(2007~14)를 역임했고, 펜실베니아 대학을 비롯해 주요 대학에서 객원교수로 활동했다. 하버드 GSD에서 건축학 석사를 취득했고, 버지니아 대학에서 건축학 학사를 취득했다.

jh portrait
Current P:A team

Jeongsoo Lee
Jinyeong Yang
Dongeun Yoo
Previous P:A SNU team
Euncho Kim, Eunseop Suh, Yeongshin Sim, SeJoon Park, Hoseung Lee, Yoonhwi Lee, Ahyoung Kim, Jungho Kwon, Daehong KimSo Hee Yoon,  Seungjae Kang, Hyein Kim, Youbeen Um, Youngju Lee, Kyle Jang, Wonseob Cho, Jiyoung Lee, Wonki Kang, Hyunjei Lee, Kiwon Jeon, Daye Kim, Younghyun Heo, Dongwan Noh, Daehong Kim, Sewon Min, Eunhye Kim, Hyelim Jang, Taehwan Choi, Geonil Lee, Seunghoon Ko, Heejin Cho
*Names in Bold indicate graduate lab members
Previous P:A NY team

Min Yang AIA (Founding Principal)
David Kang (Founding Associate)
Karen Brandt (Designer)