• Tung House

    Tung House

    Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA | 2017 [ cover story, SPACE ] Located on a strictly preserved wooded area, this project converges with the site and environment through a zero-energy strategy. While the massing adheres to tight setback restrictions, the roof breaks free of the house’s orthogonal geometry to optimize orientation of the solar panels. At the same … [continue]

  • big dig house

    Big Dig House

    Lexington, MA 2006 [ AIA/BSA Housing Design Award, Metropolis Next Generation Prize, Featured in Resource Salvation: The Architecture of Reuse ] As a prototype building that demonstrates how infrastructural refuse can be salvaged and reused, the structural system for this house is comprised of steel and concrete discarded from Boston’s Big Dig. Utilizing over 600,000 pounds … [continue]

  • infinite box

    Psychedelic Architecture: Form and Allegory

    The 2013 Sciame Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at CCNY There are uncanny parallels between the 1960s and today in terms of social, political, and environmental issues. However, where ‘Metabolist’ and ‘Situationist’ architecture offered alternative forms of practice and discourse, does today’s architecture lack a relevant movement in … [continue]

  • NUS _ Symposium

    John Hong at Research by Design Symposium NUS

    Please join us for the ‘Research + Design Symposium’ at the National University of Singapore. 17 January 2018 \\ 15:00-18:30 \\ NUS Create Tower Level 7 \\ 1 Create Way, 138602 Singapore Title: “Making + Scholarship” Moderator: Lilian Chee , Associate Professor National University of Singapore Speakers: Michael Budig, Assistant Professor Singapore University of Technology … [continue]

  • verdant studio

    Verdant Studio

    This recording studio for innovative recording engineer and musician Pete Weiss, solves issues of acoustics while engaging the site and context. An extension of an existing century-old barn, the new structure utilizes a variation on the pitched roofs in the area: a simple ‘scissor’ truss is mirrored to create both east and west skylights while … [continue]

  • valentine house front

    Valentine Houses

    The 3 new townhouses transform Cambridgeport’s woodframe type, dynamically addressing boundaries between inside and outside, private and community. A critique of the inward looking ‘winterized box,’ the project incorporates double height interior/exterior spaces, cantilevered garden-balconies, and occupiable shared roof-planes — all of which become an architectural language for further urban developments. Cambridge, MA | 2003[BSA/AIA … [continue]

  • seoul biennale international studios

    Seoul Biennale International Studios Symposium, 5 Sept

    Please join us for ‘Active Archive,’ the culminating symposium for the Seoul Biennale International Studios. Where: DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) Academy Hall, D281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul When: September 5th, Tuesday 10am The event is free and open to the public Archiving typically entails the storage of ideas and objects, fixing them to a historical timeframe. … [continue]

  • Dominique Perrault lecture thumb

    Dominique Perrault Lecture at SNU, 20 April

    Please join us for Dominique Perrault’s lecture, Groundscape Stories: Paris. Îla de la Cité, The Monument Island at Seoul National University. The lecture is in partnership with the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and the Mokchon Kim Jung Sik Foundation. Where: SNU MoA Auditorium When: April 20th, Thursday 7pm The lecture is free and … [continue]

  • Gerard-Reinmuth lecture

    Gerard Reinmuth Lecture at SNU – 5 April

    Please join us for Gerard Reinmuth’s lecture, Rationality: Beyond the Object. Professor Reinmuth is Founding Director of the internationally acclaimed firm TERROIR and Professor in Practice and Associate Head of School at University of Technology Sydney. His work and research challenges the domain of architecture through the assertion that the singularity of any given architectural object … [continue]

  • imminent-seoul-station-web-thumb

    Imminent Connections: Seoul Station – Seoul Biennale Symposium

    Imminent Connections: Explorations of the Seoul Station Area Seoul Biennale International Studios Symposium Where: Samsung Library Auditorium, SunKyunKwan University 2066, Seobu-ro, Janga-gu, Suwon-si 성균관대학교 자연과학대학캠퍼스, 삼성학술정보관 오디토리움, 수원시 장안구 서부로 2066 When: Thursday 23 MAR 2017, 13:30-18:00 The event is free and open to the public As part of the ongoing events of the Seoul … [continue]

  • interdependent urbanism

    Interdependent Urbanism

    If zoning at its core is about egalitarian relationships, we are at a crossroads where computation can play a major role in successful urban design. By leveraging performance based zoning standards instead of prescriptive rules, this tool demonstrates that there does not need to be an inverse relationship between density and quality of our urban … [continue]

  • Imminent Changshindong Symposium

    Imminent Changshindong Symposium, 10 Feb

    Imminent Changshindong: Seoul Biennale International Studios Symposium Where: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Academy Hall, D281, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul When: 10 February, Friday, 1-5pm The event is free and open to the public. To launch the Spring 2017 sequence of the Seoul Biennale International Studios, professors and students from six international and local universities as well as the … [continue]