• SFS_ES library_3S7A2054 (Custom)

    SFS Elementary School Library

    SFS Elementary School Library wins a 2019 AIA International Region Award and is featured in SPACE Magazine: The design for this International elementary school library blends flexibility with specificity, addressing the scales of growing children through the careful integration of architecture, furniture, and learning materials. Prior to renovation, the library… [continue]→

  • Preservation Paper_Astor hall

    Preservation, Pluralism, and Adaptive Reuse

    Preservation as a movement, usually understood as a conservative force that works to strengthen the idea of a linear, univocal, ‘American’ history, originally emerges in the 1960’s to put forth a more radical proposition: That preserving a structure by instilling it with a new use is a method of political empowerment. By bringing in program to re-use and revitalize works against the metaphor-physical symbol… [continue]→

  • UTS poster

    John Hong to Teach Masterclass, ‘Devious Topographies’ at UTS:

    Design at the scale between urban planning and architecture is rapidly gaining relevance as cities increasingly grapple with cultural, ecological, and economic viability. However, the limited tools of the architect that lead to ineffectively conceptualizing the territorial scale as ‘extra-large buildings’ have opened up a disciplinary void. Meanwhile, cleverly branded but…. [continue]→


    SFS Middle Years Library

    The design for this international middle school library adaptively transforms a closed-off ground floor of a 35-year-old classroom building into a light, porous, learning space inextricably tied to the larger campus. As the given footprint was fragmented by a server room that could not be relocated, the interior design works within the constraints through a strategy of ‘buildings-within-buildings’…. [continue]→

  • venice_P1010126 Custom

    Existing City / New Resource

    The exhibition presents current and future initiatives being undertaken by the Seoul Metropolitan Government with a focus on nine projects that exemplify the question of recycling the city. Through a re-conceptualized figure-ground technique, underutilized, infrastructural, or sub-grade spaces are shown transformed into alternative public and semi-public realms. Beyond traditional ideas of… [continue]→

  • fragments book on table Custom 1

    Fragments of a New Housing Language

    If we use language as a metaphor, a current wave of architects has quietly begun reassembling the elements of housing into new syntaxes. While each work in this book and represents a unique solution, their innovations can be seen as typological advances in the way the core elements of housing are willfully redesigned and recombined…. [continue]→

  • contemporary jungja

    Minimal House Exhibition Opens 28 June

    Project : Architecture is pleased to be part of the 8th annual ‘Minimal House’ exhibition. Our two projects, Tung House and Contemporary Jungja, explore the relationship between minimum energy use and maximum experience. Please join us for the opening event! Opening Party: 2018, 28 June 5pm Location: Eagon House (Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 445-1, Donggyo-ro 161) [continue]→

  • tung house 0473 Custom 1

    Tung House Wins SARA | NY Award

    The Tung House has won a 2018 Society of American Registered Architects Award from the SARA New York Council. This prestigious award showcases design excellence from American architects not only practicing in the U.S., but also those that are making a positive impact with their global design work. The Tung House is a recently completed [continue]→

  • Factory for Urban Living - Hyein Kim

    Factory for Urban Living Exhibition

    Please join us for the opening lecture and reception of the Factory for Urban Living exhibition. Where: Palais de Seoul | 30, Jahamun-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 종로구 자하문로 10길 30 이룸빌딩 When: 17 March 2018, 4pm The event is free and open to the public Project : Architecture‘s proposal titled, 인형: In the Shape of a [continue]→

  • Tung House

    Tung House

    Located on a strictly preserved wooded area, this project converges with the site and environment through a zero-energy strategy. While the massing adheres to tight setback restrictions, the roof breaks free of the house’s orthogonal geometry to optimize orientation of the solar panels. At the same time, the resulting roof overhang shields the interior from hot summer…. [continue]→