Factory for Urban Living Exhibition

Factory For Urban Living

Please join us for the opening lecture and reception of the Factory for Urban Living exhibition.

Where: Palais de Seoul | 30, Jahamun-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
종로구 자하문로 10길 30 이룸빌딩

When: 17 March 2018, 4pm
The event is free and open to the public

Project : Architecture‘s proposal titled, 인형: In the Shape of a Human, proposes retooling the Dongdaemun Toy Market for the next generation of high-tech manufacturing

With the right strategic intervention, the dilapidated Dongdaemun Stationary and Toy Market could stage the next generation of high-tech, customized manufacturing because if its proximity to Seoul’s historical core. Our proposal threads an urban scale conveyor belt through the dense existing fabric allowing the independent factories, housing, warehouses, and shops to collaborate as one mega-factory. The new delivery system allows the removal of vehicular traffic so that a historic stream can be uncovered, improving the pedestrian environment. Using the Korean medium of ‘webtoons,’ we reimagine the immense potential of the area through a fact-based fictional narrative tracing the production of a new line of customized AI dolls, or Inhyoung, that watch over the safety and health of children. Optimistically embracing the synergy between local production and consumers, the proposal also asks whether we can truly be free from the more sinister aspects of corporate control in our hyper-connected information age.

인형: In the Shape of a Human, features hand drawings and cartoons by architectural illustrator, Hyein Kim.